About Us

Asem Business Consulting is a professional consulting and comprehensive/integral managment office for the enterprise and offers its services in areas like labour, fiscal, accounting,legal,architecture, engineering and urbanism. Contact us under the phone number 928232311 or consult us  online.

Asem consists of a group of professionals with an extensive  experience and prestige availed by the confiance of our clients who we offer a personalized treatment and attention with the aiming to provide the most possible added value  inorder to obtain the highest competitive advantages. This Experts team is directed by Mr.M.Calderín, who has been advising canary firms since over 35 years.

The offices o Asem Ltd. With a surface area of 200 square meters are strategically located in an administrative area of Las Palmas. in León y Castillo Street nr. 89 – 3, near to the Plaza de la Feria,  scarcely 100 meters from the Delegación del Gobierno( Government Delegation for Coordination of the Spanish Central Government) and from theTax Managment Office, 200 meters from the Tax Office (Delegación de Hacienda),the  Administrative  office Buildings (Usos Múltiples), from the  Central Treasury Office for the Social Security    (Tesorería General de  la Seguridad Social),the INSS ( National Institute of the Social Security), etc. in order to get  fast contact to the administration and close to the  maritime avenue (Avenida marítima del Sur),entry and exit way to the city.

Asem disposes over modern technological tools for the convenience/comfort of their customers, information dating exchange through different Networks, an electronic document managment system, telematic connection to the Administration and the Tax Office, last generation Computers as well as connections to several spanish and european databases to be informed on the latest legal issues due to get our customers inmediately informed of every legal requirement   affecting their business.