Our professionals will enter the accounting  data of your Business in order to get an accurate image of the financial situation of the company. They will keep your accounts up to date in order to fulfill your legal and business requirements.At the same time they will  provide you accounting counselling and managment  as well as  economical and financial advising

We consider the accounting proceeding as an indispensable work tool which allows us to know the real status in time  of your business

We can offer you different options:

  • Doing the accounting managment. After remission of documents they will be accounted and the result sent to you. It implies a fixed monthly payment.
  • Managment of  formal requirements of recurrent nature to be fulfilled with the tax  administration
  • Accounting managment on submitted accounting documentation, preparation of accounting books and drafting annual accounts
  • Elaboration of documents for payment to suppliers, regarding the agreed method of payment
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Emission of monthly reports
  • Production and accurate presentation of annual accounts and accounting period report
  • Presentation of accounting and legal books ( minutes, Partners file and registration books, etc.) at the Mercantile Registry.
  • Accounting revision and issuing a report. In this case the price will depend on the volumen of submitted documentation