The tax needs of your company will be covered by  an individualized service. Our legal team will advise you  throughout the legal and tax processes and declaration requirements such as corporation tax returns, income tax returns, capital gains tax, payments in instalments to third parties, registration and deregistration of taxes on business activities etc.

We offer our clients  a personal advising concerning legal and tax matters, mainly conceived for enterprises, in order  to optimize as much as possible the payment of taxes and contributions to the Tax Authorities (Hacienda Pública) and rationalising the savings according to the current rule of law.

Our service in this field mainly includes:

Processing any formal obligation with the Tax authority administration

  • Three monthly tax assessments
  • Yearly summaries/reports
  • Tax on companies
  • Personal income tax
  • Registration and deregistration at the different tributary registries
  • Tributary certifications
  • Periodical checking of accounts
  • Fiscal and accounting consulting