Asem Ltd. provides  its customers with all necessary  support needed for the labour management of  the company. From the basic legal requirements of registration at the Social Security of the company and its personnel to the most complex aspects of labour and employment relationships.
Ofrecemos soporte en todos los ámbitos laborales como:
    We provide support to any general issue concerning labour fields:

  •     Payroll service
  •     TC1 and TC2 application forms fulfilling service
  •     Presentation of TC2 application form through the RED (Electronic Documents Readmission) system of the T.G.S.S. (General Treasury of the Social Security)
  •     Registration and deregistration  of employees at the Social Security administration
  •     Employment service throughout the hiring process at the INEM Employment agency) contracts,job vacancies,job opportunities,etc
  •     Registration and deregistration service
  •     Presentation of I.L.T. temporary sick leave application forms
  •     Consulting on labour issues.
  •     Inspection books for the labour inspection
  •     Firm certifications
  •     Written and oral consulting on labour  and employment issues
  •     Assessment and supporting at the “Semac”
  •     Assessment and supporting at the Social Court
  •     Assessment and supporting at the Labour´s Inspection
  •     Habitual personnel recruitment and special labor relations
  •     Assessment to foreign employees
  •     Trade Union issues.